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Rapid-deployment inflatable barriers

We make temporary inflatable barriers suitable for rapid deployment, easily portable, that can be installed without any additional infrastructure. They create a temporary barrier, providing flood protection.

The modular, tubular structures are ideal for Civil Protection requirements. They are made in impermeable fabric. When filled with water and interlinked, they provide a barrier to encroaching water without slipping or rolling, as a result of our exclusive design. 

The time required for transport and installation is far less when compared to traditional systems of protection based on sand-filled sacks. The barriers can be re-used many times, and when deflated, their storage volume is relatively small.



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Temporary inflatable barriers that are used to isolate part of a river in order to perform work without the presence of water.

They create a water barrier through their own weight. They function by means of water.

Principal characteristic: they don't require any building work for their anchorage.

They are light, quick and safe, and they can be re-used many times. They are ideal for canal maintenance, and they are indispensable in all those cases where neither earth walls nor vertical sheet walls can be installed.

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