Hydro Air Bank


HAB is a company of professional engineers, founded with the objective of developing and installing innovative, eco-compatible systems for the control of water courses, dedicating appropriate levels of attention to factors of price and environment protection.

 Our mission: to ensure that water is never a problem, but rather an opportunity.

To control water, we use water or air: there can be nothing more eco-compatible than that!

By means of our experience, in any situation, even the worst, water can be controlled and can become an important resource. Our engineers are always capable of identifying the appropriate system. Our products, inflatable dams, flood barriers and inflatable flood defences, provide a reliable, guaranteed, efficient and eco-compatible solution, at competitive costs, capable of controlling the flow of a river and using it for irrigation, leisure activities, or the production of clean energy.

In addition, today you can give your home or company automatic protection, and make your work more efficient.

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